Connections in the CPG/FMCG industry made easier.

Meet GrowinCo, the digital platform connecting co-packers, CPG/FMCG companies, co-manufacturers, ingredients and packaging suppliers for product development and strategic sourcing.


See how the main CPG/FMCG companies are developing new products worldwide

Your manufacturing, procurement and R&D processes, optimized at their finest.

Co-manufacturing & Co-packing

Offer idle capacity and hire contract manufacturers according to your needs

New Product Development

Find the best suppliers for your new project in just one place. Access a complete database of ingredients and packaging suppliers

Idea bank and NDAs management

Centralize all your non-disclosure agreements and documents in one single platform

Supplier-driven innovation

Access innovative ideas or insights posted by suppliers and get inspired by them

What is your company looking for?

Meet the players in GrowinCo. and choose what best suits your needs.


CPG/FMCG companies, retailers and digital brands that are looking to hire contract manufacturers to outsource their production or to find the best suppliers for the development of new products.


Suppliers, co-manufacturers and co-packers wishing to improve their connections with potential customers, monetize idle capacity and offer solutions in an innovative way.

A customer-centric approach

Join today and discover a whole new world of opportunities!

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From Idea to Product: Co-Manufacturing in the Americas CPG Industry

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