The transformative impact of digital self-service on B2B retail is here to stay.

Os varejistas B2B enfrentam vários desafios, como choque de fornecimento, falta de pessoal, inovações disruptivas e clientes cada vez mais conscientes.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses worldwide to take digital operations seriously, impacting them significantly. According to Sheerien Salindera, Adobe’s strategy lead, customer experience is now the key differentiating factor for the best companies in both B2C and B2B transactions.

B2B retailers are facing various challenges such as supply shock, staff shortages, format disruptions, and time-conscious customers. Customers are demanding greater digitization in their buying experience, and businesses that meet these demands are reaping the rewards.

During a recent webinar, Salindera and Mark Spiteri, JB Metropolitan Distributors’ IT manager, discussed the digital shift happening in B2B services.

The B2B retail sector is rapidly transitioning online. Adobe research shows that 70% of the B2B purchasing journey is already completed by customers before the sales department gets involved. By 2025, it is projected that 80% of sales interactions will occur through digital channels.

Offering self-service e-commerce capabilities in B2B operations increases customer retention by over 85%, according to Adobe data. These trends indicate that B2B customers expect more information and want a contactless and digital buying journey.

To transform B2B experiences, businesses should adopt a strategic approach that aligns with customer behavior. A customer-centric approach is crucial, along with organizational buy-in and support. Technology changes should be implemented intelligently and integrated seamlessly, with staff trained to use the new tools effectively. Utilizing existing technology more efficiently can often be more beneficial than investing in expensive new tech.

Lastly, while content remains important, businesses can find more efficient ways to produce and present it. Leveraging technology to automate processes like digital catalogs and brochures can enhance content richness and timeliness.

By embracing these strategies, businesses can thrive in the evolving B2B landscape and meet customer expectations in the digital age.

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