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Here at GrowinCo. we strongly believe that collaboration can and will reshape the CPG industry. Our mission is to connect various players in this dynamic field, fostering innovation, productivity, and sustainability. Spreading the message about all of this is also a crucial part of our journey. With that in mind what would be better than listening and learn from the people behind this fascinating industry?

GrowinCast is more than a podcast, is a manifestation of our passion and commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration. In the upcoming conversations CPG leaders and industry experts will discuss relevant topics and share their experiences and you are cordially invited to join these valuable sessions.

Co-manufacturing stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. This GrowinCast’s inaugural episode features a vibrant conversation between Raphael Traticoski, CEO of GrowinCo., and Lissandra Lopes, Procurement Manager at Kellanova.

Lissandra Lopes, talks about her extensive background in co-manufacturing, complementing Traticoski’s entrepreneurial zest with her practical and in-depth knowledge of the industry dynamics. Her role allows her to provide a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within co-manufacturing. Lissandra’s contributions to the conversation are a real masterclass about co-manufacturing, showing her expertise and passion for the field.

The core discussion of the podcast revolves around the concept of co-manufacturing, a collaborative approach that is reshaping how companies think about production and supply chain management. Raphael and Lissandra explore the myriad ways in which co-manufacturing fosters innovation and efficiency. They explore how this model enables companies, especially in the food and beverage sector, to navigate the complexities of production without compromising on quality or innovation.

Whether you are an industry veteran or a novice to the world of CPG, you’ll certainly find valuable takeaways. The discussion not only highlights current trends in co-manufacturing but also offers a glimpse into the future of the industry. The synergy between Raphael and Lissandra, coupled with their shared enthusiasm for the subject, makes for an educational yet highly enjoyable listening experience.

The podcast is available on Spotify and on YouTube with subtitles

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