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See how GrowinCo. is helping global Consumer Packaged Goods companies and suppliers to make faster businesses, improve their supply chain processes and enhance overal productivity.

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Productivity & efficiency

Thousands of hours of operational work saved

With XGrowth, companies across the world are saving plenty of resources in their R&D, manufacturing and procurement processes by getting connected to the right business partners in an incredible speed

Concrete projects done through the platform

Contract manufacturing agreements, new products development, better sourcing for current portfolio... Every day, new projects and challenges are launched through XGrowth and new connections are made!

New insights generated daily by suppliers

Through an interactive and innovative content feed, all kind of suppliers are able to bring ideas and inspire the big players for future projects development

Market's segments that are reinventing B2B collaboration with us

Food & Beverage

Costmetics & Consumer Health


Personal Care


Pet Care

Biscuits & Cookies

Flavors & Flagrances




Chemical Compounds

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Co-mans in the snacks
sector in the Americas.

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